Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Red Fox - Tippy's Beautiful Sister

Here is one of the young foxes from the family I photographed in the spring. The markings on her legs identify her. She's been hanging around on the hill above my house and I took several photos of her scratching the back of her head with her hind leg. After viewing those images, I'm fairly sure this lovely fox is female.

I watch her from the deck in the shadow of the house, but she knows I'm there. I see her staring intently at something, usually I can't tell what. If I make noise, she will glance at me for a second and then stare off at some point to my right or left refusing to make eye contact.

She stole a bread crust I had tossed to the stellers jays and carried it a short distance away and buried it by digging with her claws then dropping the crust and pushing leaves and sticks over it with her nose. She stalked one of the jays, but it flew to a high branch when she came too close.


Anonymous said...

As always, I'm totally enamored of your fox fotos. Great view, too.

Con Daily said...

thanks, wren. I'm so happy when the foxes play or hunt where I can see and photograph them. Often, they just run quickly past or don't show up at all. The stellars jays can almost always be counted on to show up if I throw out some bird seed or bread crumbs.