Friday, November 16, 2007

Dramatic Morning Clouds over Lions Head

When I'm up before sunrise and clouds are in the west, I'm rewarded with a view like this to photograph. (click image for larger view) This morning, when I looked out the window, the clouds were already pink over lions head so I ran with the camera and tripod out in my pajamas to capture the color that never lasts long. A few seconds of barefoot on the cold deck was all I could stand and the color was disappearing fast, so I didn't take the time to set mirror lockup, but did use the tripod to steady the camera for the low light shot. 1/8 second at F11 with the ISO set at 400 and a focal length of 10mm. Canon 30d with canon ef-s 10-22mm lens.


Tracy said...

Inspiring colors to bring in a new day! I think the sunrise/sunset colors in the fall are the most spectacular of the year.

Karen Krull Robart said...

OMG - what a beautiful sky! Well worth getting up to see the sunrise if you are greeted with a treasure like this one. I could look at it for hours and come away feeling blessed.

Con Daily said...

The first light of morning is always beautiful here, but when there are clouds illuminated I feel I must capture that colorful scene. Thank you, Tracy and Karen, for taking the time to look and comment. I am usually alone at that time of day, taking in the scene without anyone around to smile and agree that it's most beautiful. It makes me happy to be able to show you what I saw and loved.