Monday, November 26, 2007

experimenting with the new lens

To some, this housecat may seem a deviation from my normal nature and wildlife photos, but my friends and family know this cat is a bit wild. This is his look that says, “I’ll give you three seconds to stop pointing that camera at me.” When my new lens arrived, it was too dark outdoors to shoot anything. The other human family members both said, “Not me!” so I took my chances with the wildcat living in our home.

Handheld (!) at 1/15 second, at 275mm, f5.6, no flash, lighting from a single overhead compact fluorescent with the ISO set at 1600, from 10 or 12 feet away and ready to run should my subject forget who feeds him.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie.

By the way, I find dried anchovies buy a lot of forgiveness.

Con Daily said...

Thanks, Wren, I'll give the dried anchovies a go. He really isn't too bad with those of us who share the house, just grumpy sometimes. But this cat with strangers, or even regular visitors, ...that's another story.

Tracy said...

I can be grumpy, too! (Especially with strangers!)

How fun to ave a new lens; like me if I were to get new brushes or different paint. I bet it takes getting used to. Last post's blue jay feathers look cool!!

Con Daily said...

Thanks, Tracy. The new lens will take some practice and I've not had much opportunity to photograph the subjectts for which I purchased the lens. Feeling a bit grumpy myself!