Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mt. Princeton

When I saw the image above was not the best of my color shots from a recent trip, I decided to do a b&w conversion for Trina, my friend who loves black and white photography. Mt. Princeton is one of our favorite mountains and this capture shows a cool snow devil swirling into the air above the mountain. The time was mid-day, not the best for the landscape shot, and the cold and wind were fierce. I had spent a few days in the area hot springs, but didn’t take many photographs as the night temperatures were well below zero and the days were not much warmer. It seemed wiser to soak in the hot pools than to freeze out in the snow and wind. I drove into a roadside park when leaving the area and hopped out just long enough to capture the scene.


Howard Grill said...

I like the way the frame seems to be divided into four horizontal strips of different tonality. Also, in the sky on the right, I like the way the wisp of cloud seems to touch the mountain top. Looks good in black and white!

Moe said...

This is a great photo. I still haven't learned to take good landscape shots. Very nice!

Mark said...

I agree with Howard, this seems well suited for B&W with the four different 'strips'. They probably aren't as distinct in a color image.

Con Daily said...

Thanks, Mark, Moe, and Howard.
The colors in the original raw file were very washed out in the bright mid-day sunlight. I could have adjusted for that, but after trying it in the monotone, decided b&w my best choice for this one.

Howard, I believe the little cloud is actually a snow devil kicked up by the wind. Cloud or swirling snow, I like that about this image, too.

Moe, I haven't been much of a landscape photographer since I'm usally in the beautiful spots with others who will be patiently (or not) waiting for me to get the shot so that we can continue our hike, drive or whatever.

Trina said...

I am so glad you decided to do this in B&W rather then discard the image as "not good".
The "snow devil" is an amazing addition to this image.
I appriciate your work so much, and also that you think of me when choosing an image for the blog.
I am looking forward to summer and camping in this beautiful location. Thank you. :)

Con Daily said...

Thanks, Trina. I'm looking forward to some time on the Chalk Creek this summer, too.