Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chalk Cliffs, Moon, Mt. Princeton

This wide angle image was captured in early morning sub-zero weather from just outside our room at the hot springs the last week of December. You see part of Mt. Princeton on the right and Mt. Antero on the far left with the chalk cliffs of Mt. Princeton at the center and the moon above. The moon called to me to come out with the camera and tripod in the wind and cold. Fingers and toes cried for me to go back inside even though I wore boots rated for the temperature and ski gloves while out. You may click the image to see it a bit larger.


Anonymous said...

The colors in the top photo are so clear and sharp, I feel like I'm there. I particularly like the tiny point of the moon visible high above the mountains.

Con Daily said...

Thanks, wren, if you feel like you were there, you're very cold! I edited the post and removed the other photos for now.