Monday, August 6, 2007


South Park - I watched a large herd of about 100 wapiti (American Elk) jump fences and cross a road toward a small lake. One of the babies couldn't cross the fence. The whole herd stopped and called out encouragement, but still the baby could not make the leap required to cross the fence. Very slowly, the entire herd turned around and crossed back over the fences and road to join the baby. Then, they began running in the opposite direction stretching out in a long line silhouetted against the distant hills. At times like this, I wish for a 600mm lens. Here are a few images at 300mm.


Anonymous said...

Amazing - I would have expected the little one to get left behind and lost. This real-life ending to the story is the happy one!

Tracy said...

What cool pics! Were you out looking? Or do you just keep your camera with you at all times?

Hey, good luck this weekend in Highlands Ranch. )It's a wine-tasting too so if things are slow.....) I'd be there to meet you in person, but I've got one the same day further north in Denver. Knock their socks off!!

Con Daily said...

It WAS amazing, wren. I wish I could have been closer for the photography, but didn't want to contribute to the baby's problems or cause the herd to separate.

Tracy, I'm always looking, but actually had been up on Georgia Pass that day and just happened along the road at the right time.
I usually have a camera with me.

Thanks, Tracy, for the wishes for the weekend. I hope to be too busy to see the inside of the wine tasting tents! This is my last festival until November when the holiday shows begin. Best wishes for you this weekend. We shall meet one day, soon, I hope.

Tracy said...

Thanks, I'll try to keep you posted of any shows I hear about up your way.

Brenda Marks said...

What an amazing situation and how wonderful to witness it. Your photos are stunning!