Friday, August 24, 2007

another buzz

I listen for hummingbirds, but today find bees busy pollinating wildflowers. Hey, it's a sticky job, but someone has to do it, eh? Flower to flower with no end in sight this time of year, especially with all the rain we've had this month. Yet the bee gets little thanks, silly girls scream when they see one and no one likes to get too close. This close up was shot with a telephoto, from several feet away, so as not to disturb the important work.

1/1000 second at f/11, 300mm, ISO 400


Anonymous said...

Very nice - I've tried taking some pics of small things with a telephoto, but haven't had much success so far. Did you hand hold this or use a tripod?

Con Daily said...

wren, I did do this one hand held, with a fast shutter speed. I was looking for hummingbirds on the wing so had my camera set for that. Even got one of the bee flying from one flower to the next.
Usually, my macro shots are better with a tripod.

Tracy said...

Wow! How juicy is this!?! With light falling on the petals and the cool flower shape in the background.......beautiful!!

You're so right, bees are the unsung heroes. I watch them through my kitchen window visit my sunflowers. Stiil waiting for them to find my zucchini. Too many flowers, not enough fruit.