Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Spring Greetings!

I shot this photo of a pasque flower Monday, two days ago. Yesterday it was covered with few inches of snow. Much of the snow melted yesterday afternoon but high winds were blowing snow around and I stayed in. This morning, Wednesday, it's 17 degrees F and I'm reading that we may get as much as a foot of snow on Friday.

I'll keep looking for these beautiful little fuzzy wildflowers between snows for the next few weeks. For those of you who don't know these flowers, they are quite small (2 to 4 inches tall) members of the buttercup family. This was shot from ground level (read: wet knees and elbows) with Canon 30D and 60 mm lens from about 20 inches.

The first hummingbirds should be on their way soon. You know what I'll be shooting for then. :-)


Anonymous said...
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Con Daily said...

I'm sorry, anonymous. I accidentally deleted your comment.

Lynn said...

Hi Connie,
Some lovely photos here but let's see more. I know you live where wild things abound and I am fascinated by anything found in nature, especially if it's rare.


Garen said...

Hi, Cous,
Great blog! As usual, great pictures.