Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pasques at the Patterson's

I went to visit my good friends, the Pattersons, a couple of days ago. 'Twas a good thing I had my camera along, for this group of three perfect pasques is quite a rare thing this year. With all the snow and freezing rains we've had, many of the pasques have brown frostbite on the petals. These three beauties must have emerged at just the right moment between the snows. We had snow again last night, so I wonder how they are looking now. Many thanks to the Pattersons for allowing me to crawl around on their ground shooting the flowers.

The broadtail hummingbirds should be coming any day now. I've read reports of a few sightings in the area. My feeders have come out of storage and are washed and ready. My two year old fuchsia is blooming in the greenhouse and ready to be hung outside - but only during the day, the nights are still too cold for it. I'm hoping my next post will include my first hummer pic of the year.

"Pasques at the Patterson's" was shot with Canon 30D, 60 mm lens, 1/125 second at f/8 from about 18 inches away.

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Sandrine said...

These 2 photos of this flower are awesome!