Monday, February 18, 2008

In the Garden of the Gods

A few days in the Colorado Springs area gave me the opportunity to photograph something different. Garden of the Gods is a free city park uplifted 25 million years ago and eroded to the present beautiful formations. I'd been there before, but never had time to explore all the trails and walkways.

Scouting the park for shooting locations the first day and returning a few times during my short stay enabled me to capture several images. I arrived before dawn to capture an image with Pikes Peak in the background only to find the mountain hidden by clouds until well after sunrise. It's only a 2 hour drive from home, so I'll be returning and perhaps get that image I wanted.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a name for a park to live up to! Great color in the photo - nice contrast between the neutral color of the rock and the dark blue of the sky.

Chris Sheppard said...

Yes, Murphy's Law of Photographing Mountains ... there's always a cloud when you don't want it there and never one when you do :)

Nice shot. I like the gentle curve of the trees across the rock face; it leads the eye through the image.