Monday, September 3, 2007

Red Fox Family Update with New 'Tippy' Photos

Tippy, the little runt of the litter with the crooked nose, is still in the area. I saw him (or her?) once in August running across the road. That distinctive face is easy to recognize.

Last week, I thought I saw one of Tippy's siblings running by on the hillside. I haven't seen the mother fox since spring.

Tonight, just after sunset, as we drove up to our house, there sat little Tippy almost grown. I set the ISO to 800 and hoped for the best in the fading light. The young fox moved a bit farther away into the tall grass after I took the first image.

And here's a crop of the face from the 2nd image:

The offset jaw doesn't seem to be a problem for Tippy. He is still small, but looks quite healthy. I hope that means he's been catching lots of mice, especially the ones near my house. I've read that the red foxes' favorite foods are mice and voles. The foxes eat as many as they can and then bury any others they kill for later meals. I like the idea that this little fox may be ridding the area around my house of rodents.


BirdingMom said...

Stumbled across your site while surfing some birding blogs. Amazing photos of those fox kits! We have a fox who frequents our back yard, and while there may be plenty of mice and voles there for him, I wish he could visit my basement every month or so!
Truely one of the most beautiful creatures to see, it is always a delight when we catch a glimpse of our resident fox ... but your photos are indeed striking!

Con Daily said...

Thanks for your comment on the fox photos, birdingmom. I am happiest when I know someone has enjoyed my photos.

Tracy said...

They're still around! Funny how Tippy's a little different. Glad it hasn't hurt his survival skills!