Thursday, May 31, 2007

favorite perch

The broadtails are fighting over favorite perches near the currant bushes loaded with tiny pink flowers. They like perches with a 360 degree view so they can see the competition coming. Sitting on the tip of a dead branch, the hummingbird looks left, right, and back twisting and turning his head above late May's food of choice - the wild wax currant flowers. Though they perch elsewhere, this little upward pointing twig is the spot they most often choose. The first image was taken last evening in the after glow of sunset. The next one, this morning, same place but from a slightly different angle to take advantage of the morning light.

1/640 sec at f/5.6, ISO 400, focal length 300mm

1/640 sec at f/5.6, ISO 200, focal length 300mm

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kairospix said...

wow! you take great close-up shots of animals in their natural surroundings!
fantastic captures!